Martial Arts at Koryo Do February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017 Tonight as I walked into Koryo Do, I focused on the upcoming belt testing scheduled for this Saturday. I needed to have a sponsor as well as to complete an application to test for my white belt. Sensei Ishmel (Ish) agreed to personally sponsor me after some preliminary testing to make sure that I am ready. His time is limited due to his nursing studies.¬† Before class Sensei Ish asked me if I knew Chong Ji form, and then he asked me to tell him the meaning. I affirmed my knowledge of the form and then … Continue reading Martial Arts at Koryo Do February 14, 2017


My son, Kevin O’Brien, works for the excellent organization of Kiva in San Francisco. From Kiva’s Website is the following information: Kevin O’Brien, Chief Technology Officer Kevin sets the technological vision for the engineering organization and works to leverage the resources and software available to help Kiva operate and scale. His primary responsibility is ensuring that the Kiva platform runs perfectly behind the scenes so that lenders and borrowers across the world can benefit from and delight in the Kiva experience without worrying about the technology that drives it. Kevin joined Kiva in 2011 to enable global opportunity via technology. … Continue reading Kiva

Learning Taekwondo at Koryo Do

I am an almost fifty-four year old lady with arthritis who after just a few months of instruction at Koryo Do under Master Jose Delgado is able to fearlessly kick, jump, push, and roll with a younger crowd tonight. If I was told a few months ago that I would be doing the things I was doing tonight, I would have laughed and said it was impossible. In a couple of weeks, I will be testing for my first belt. Continue reading Learning Taekwondo at Koryo Do