O’Brien, Gina R.

Warm and Cozy, Cocooned Complexity

Dew of morning and rays of sunshine nourish

Gold shining light within, evading attention

As we dance and swing and notice none

As ninjas we build in the shadows of twilight

Growing strength betwixt the moon and sun

Hearing music crescendos played by nature

Rain, storm, wind, and lightning come


Awareness pushes against contentment

As each light fades to twilight dark

A restless stirring begins to spark

The nest is tighter, comfort stark


We begin to press toward transformation

The bird song louder through the veil

Dare or not, we stretch much closer

Trusting process, membrane pale


Energy pulses as lightning burning

Peeling back the confining curtain

Embracing wings we fly with glee

Assuming our role with certainty


We were made to catch the wind

Spiral and tickle and gather friends

Beauty revealed, our lights now lead

Exposing ourselves to all who see


O’Brien, Gina R.






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